Monday, January 1, 2007

how soon is now?

if you blinked, it's already passed you by.

i learned a lot over the long, long year of 2006. about life, love, loss, lack-of-hydration -- many, many "L's."

i almost died. twice. the first time figuratively, the second time literally.

i've learned that regardless of bombs, technology, and the fucked-up egos of humanity, nature is still the most powerful force on the planet. and, as such, deserves respect.

i've learned that, yes, you do need to "keep your eye on the prize," but you'd better keep the other eye on the getting-there. because if you don't, you never will get there. and if you're not enjoying the process, then the prize probably isn't worth it.

i've learned that in life there needs to be "downs." because if there weren't, the "ups" wouldn't be... well... up.

i've learned that the only thing i know for certain is each present moment as it occurs. before it happens and once it's passed, i know nothing of it. because i'm in the middle of another moment. and thinking about the moments gone and yet to come just keeps you going in circles.

it's 2007. time to cast off my loathsome inheritance. time to divide and conquer with a confident smile.

how soon is now? i'm standing in it.